7 reasons why you should book one-to-one photography tuition

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If you’ve got a DSLR camera but it’s rarely out of its box or you’re stuck using auto and haven’t a clue how to use the manual mode, you may be thinking about booking my one-to-one Photography for Beginners tuition.

I’ve been on my own photography journey for over 5 years and launched my business full-time in 2014. I started providing one-to-one tuition in Dundee, Angus and Perth in April 2016 so that people like you could benefit from the expertise a professional photographer can offer. I know that workshops don’t suit everyone and I wanted to help people like you learn how to get the best out of your cameras and learn in a relaxed way in the comfort of your own home.

It’s a 3 hour course that will make a BIG difference to your photography.


7 reasons why you should book one-to-one Photography for Beginners tuition


1. You’ll learn how to take much better photos


Are you frustrated with your photos and feel like you don’t have a clue what to do with your camera?

  • You’re stuck on automatic and you know you’re not making the most of your camera
  • You feel like your camera has too many buttons and you don’t know where to start
  • You’ve tried to photograph your kids but they move so fast, they end up looking like they have two heads
  • You want the photos with the blurry backgrounds
  • You know you have a good camera but you use your phone because it’s easier
  • You think there’s so much jargon and you can’t make sense of it

I help people just like you get to grips with their cameras and I’d love to help you overcome your challenges with your photography.

I know that you want to put your camera to good use and be able to take photos that you’ll be so proud to put up on your living room wall. Your kids having fun without a care in the world. Your dogs running around on the beach. The flowers in your garden that you’ve worked so hard to grow looking oh so pretty. The amazing places that you go on holiday.

You want more than just mobile phone snaps and I know you can do it, too! I’ve had so many people tell me that they don’t want to do “arty-farty” photos of flowers or think that it’s not possible with their camera. Often they’ll ask advice on another lens to use because they don’t think their lens is good enough but I’m a firm believer in learning what the lens is capable of first before buying a new one.

And I can tell you, every single time my clients go away full of enthusiasm for their photography and many in search of the nearest flower!


2. You get what magazines, books and YouTube can’t give you


People learn in lots of different ways and I completely believe that you should learn in a way that suits your learning style. Some people start off their photography journey reading lots of magazines, books and YouTube videos but then they hit a brick wall as they don’t have someone by their side that can answer their questions.

My tuition style is relaxed and friendly. Of course we have content to go though but I won’t make you save your questions until the end.

Unlike a workshop setting where there are lots of people in the class, you learn at your own pace and we only move on when you’re ready.


3. It’s a small investment that makes a big difference


Let’s face it, photography isn’t the cheapest hobby you could pick with most people investing hundreds of pounds on their first camera, lens and all the other bits and bobs you may need (filters, memory cards, spare battery, tripod etc). When I meet new clients the first question I’m usually asked is “can you help me choose a new lens?” but it’s amazing how far a little knowledge can go.

I always advise my clients to do the course first and really practice using their kit lens (the one that comes in the box with the camera) before looking for a new one. Usually people are amazed what the little kit lens is capable of when they know what they’re doing on manual mode. For a few hours of your day and an investment of £147 my tuition will make a big difference to your photography.


4. I make the technical jargon simple


Yes, you will need to know what aperture, shutter speed and ISO are to shoot on manual but I have lots of ways to make the jargon simple.

I promise!


5. You’ll want to use your camera more

One of the biggest compliments that I get from my clients after they’ve been on the Photography for Beginners course is that they’re using their cameras more. Hearing that is like music to my ears!

I’m passionate about photography and totally want to take away the fear factor for you.

After my tuition, you’ll have the confidence to pick up your camera more and more.

6. You get your own wee folder and manual cheat sheet


There’s a lot of information covered in my course and I don’t want you to be worried during the course that you won’t remember it all. That’s why I give you your own folder to keep which is full of all the course content. So you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’ll have lots of information to read over once I’m gone, including my manual cheat sheet which is a huge help when it comes to choosing your camera settings.

I’m always at the end of the phone too so once the course is over if there’s something you’ve forgotten, you can always give me a ring or pop me a message on Facebook.


7. Learning as an adult is fun


Think back to your school days and maybe you didn’t enjoy learning so much then. One-to-one tuition doesn’t have to be like that and is far from it. My tuition is not like being in a stuffy classroom.
It’s relaxed and informal and all at your own pace and as adults we know that when we choose to learn a new skill it’s because we really want to!


Don’t just take my word for it though. Here’s what my client Graeme had to say:


“This course does exactly as promised and comes with a confidence boost that makes you want to “get out there”. It made sense of my camera and those buttons I never went near for fear of breaking stuff! Turns out those buttons are really useful…….ha! Being a one2one course it is pretty much tailored to “you” and your camera. I would recommend this course to all those, who like me, have neither the time nor patience to wade through instruction manuals the size of War & Peace and would prefer to spend 3 or 4 hours in good company with a knowledgeable professional who gets to what you need to take great pictures. Highly recommended.” Graeme Kirkpatrick – August 2017

Check out more testimonials from my clients and see the photos they’ve taken since being on my course here.


Over to you


If you live in Angus, Dundee or Perth and want to learn how to make the most of your camera you can find out more about my Photography for Beginners tuition and book your place here.

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