Alternative wedding gift ideas

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You know the most important part about your wedding is that you have the people that you adore there celebrating with you. You don’t want to seem cheeky and ask for gifts and you certainly don’t want to ask for money. People will want to buy you nice things and it would be rude to say no. As a wedding photographer I’ve seen it all so let’s say no to filling your house full of stuff and instead say yay to the alternative gift ideas that you’ll really love.


Alternative wedding gift ideas

I remember reading a magazine article years ago that suggested the route to happiness was to spend your money on experiences, not things and it really struck a chord with me. So now I have a big collection of gig tickets. Kylie, Lady Gaga, The Script and loads more. And when I look back at these tickets they bring me back loads of amazing memories with my friends.

Imagine your wedding guests buying you experiences. Just think of all the memories you’ll create with your new hubby. You could plan them out and have one each month as a treat or even get a monthly subscription delivered to your door. Better than a house full of Egyptian cotton towels huh?


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1. Malmaison champagne afternoon for tea

Enjoy beautiful food in stunning surroundings with your beloved and a Malmaison champagne afternoon tea. Need I say more? Well, you could book a room and make a night of it.


2. The Cairno’ Wine Club subscription

You love wine, right? Put the Cairn o’ Mhor wine club subscription on your gift list and you can look forward to a season selection including special edition releases being delivered straight to your door. Hello, free wine!


3. Balbirnie Bistro Break

Picture this. It’s been a few months since you’ve got married and you’re beginning to feel the post-wedding comedown. But then you and your newlywed go away for a night at Balbirnie House Hotel, a small luxury award-winning country house hotel in the heart of Fife which combines food and lovely surroundings. A fabulous dinner in the Balbirnie Bistro, stay over in a beautiful classic double room and enjoy breakfast together the next morning.


4. Tipple in a Tuk Tuk’s gin tasting

Ok, there seems to be a bit of a theme going on here haha! You like to enjoy yourselves though and there’s no shame in that.

This one I’m thinking would be great to get your close friends (minimum of 10) round for an anniversary partaaaay! Gin is big right now and you could invite my friends at Tipple in a Tuk Tuk round to your house for an evening of gin tasting. Just imagine all those flavours you could be tucking into. Yes, please!


5. Wood-fired pizza oven

Sticking with the party theme and this one is sure to entertain you and your friends many times over. Move over bog-standard BBQ, there’s a new kid in town and this time it’s all about the pizza! I give you the outdoor steel pizza garden oven. Who said you had to keep your gifts all to yourself?


6. Hand Casting by Impressive Memories

Now this really is an experience that will last a lifetime. You and yours will go along to my friend Jen’s Impressive Memories studio in Fife to have your hands cast and then Jen will work her magic to produce a stunning completely personal work of art. She also does fingerprint cufflinks too… present for the groom to wear perhaps?!


Lifecast of hands
Image credit Impressive Memories


7. Champagne trip on Loch Lomond

My bad, we’re back on the alcohol again but this time we’re going for the full VIP experience on a luxurious motor yacht. You’ll be welcomed on board and introduced to the captain and crew with a champagne reception. Then you’ll get to enjoy your champagne trip on Loch Lomond for a whole hour.


8. Pong monthly cheese boxes

Cheese goes with everything, right? You can put it on your pizza, in your amazing home-made lasagne or enjoy it on a board with olives, wine and a few friends. Put a Pong monthly cheese box on your gift list and look forward to a tasty selection being sent to your door every month. Nom nom nom!


So sack the traditional wedding gift list and go for some treats you can really make the most of!

Are you planning your wedding right now? What would be your ultimate wedding gift? Jump into the comments below and let me know. I’d love to hear from you and always reply.
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