5 reasons why you need to have an unplugged wedding (and how to do it without annoying your guests)

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Guest photographing Bride and Groom with a mobile phone

  With modern technology almost everyone has a camera in their pocket and the ability to take fairly decent quality shots and share them online in an instant. But do you want to feel like you’re being papped at your own wedding with a sea of mobile phones as you walk down the aisle or is it possible to get the photos you really want that makes your guests feel included too? It’s not for me to tell you what to do at your wedding but over the years as a wedding photographer in Angus, Dundee and Perth I’ve seen … Read More

Alternative wedding gift ideas

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Weddings photography bridge groom Woodlands Hotel Dundee

  You know the most important part about your wedding is that you have the people that you adore there celebrating with you. You don’t want to seem cheeky and ask for gifts and you certainly don’t want to ask for money. People will want to buy you nice things and it would be rude to say no. As a wedding photographer I’ve seen it all so let’s say no to filling your house full of stuff and instead say yay to the alternative gift ideas that you’ll really love.   Alternative wedding gift ideas   I remember reading a … Read More

Perth Wedding Exhibition review (2017)

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Perth wedding exhibition free gifts

When you’re planning a wedding one of the best things you can do to kickstart your wedding planning and get lots of inspiration is go to a wedding fayre. As both a bride-to-be and a wedding photographer I know just how much is involved in wedding planning so I popped along to Perth Wedding Exhibition to see if it really lived up to the hype. Here’s my unbiased review.   My Fiance and I haven’t set a date yet so in terms of wedding planning we’re right at the beginning stage. He couldn’t feign excitement at the thought of a … Read More

Top 7 things your wedding photographer needs to know

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Groom and friends walking near the Glen Clova Hotel

You spend months pouring your heart and soul into your wedding planning so you want your wedding photographer to capture all the special details you’ve agonised over and all the people that came to celebrate with you. But wait, what’s this? Imagine you’re sent the link to your wedding gallery and there’s no photos of that amazing moment when your Auntie flew in from Australia and burst through the door to surprise everybody at your beautiful Scottish wedding in Dundee. Yes, many wedding photographers are super talented but there are 7 key things they need to know. I love natural … Read More

I’m getting married in Scotland. What paperwork do I need?

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Weddings photography bridge groom Woodlands Hotel Dundee

Planning your Scottish wedding is a hugely exciting time. Hello! You’re getting married in Scotland, the most beautiful country in the world! You’re spending months dreaming about your perfect day with your beautiful venue, how gorgeous you’re going to look in your dress, how you’re going to have your nails done and much, much more. But as well as all the fun stuff there’s some paperwork (I know, yaaaawn!) that you have to complete to make sure you’re marriage is legal in Scotland. As a Dundee, Angus and Perth wedding photographer with more than 4 years under my belt I … Read More

5 top tips for choosing wedding suppliers that won’t let you down

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Pink Paradox London Cosmos shoes with bouquet of flowers

When you’re spending months painstakingly planning every tiny detail of your wedding you cross your fingers that it’s all going to go to plan and look perfect. Oh, and you’re assuming that your day actually does go ahead because your venue hasn’t double-booked your wedding with another event, the wedding planner hasn’t fled to America with all the things you need to make your day look so pretty and the wedding co-ordinator isn’t calling you “Bridezilla” all over Facebook! Yip, it’s not your guests you need to watch out for, it’s your wedding suppliers and I’ve seen it all over … Read More

Am I allowed to print and share my wedding photos? Everything you need to know about wedding photography copyright and licences

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Wedding photography copyright

You’re on the search for the perfect wedding photographer that will capture the essence of your day that you’ll spend months planning and you’re assuming that you’ll own the photos and can do what you like with them? You could be so wrong. Over the years as a wedding photographer in Dundee, Perth and Angus I’ve learned that UK copyright is often misunderstood. In this blog I’m going to dispel the most common wedding photography copyright myths so you know exactly what to ask potential photographers and can choose the photographer that’s right for you. You know that you want … Read More

Why is professional wedding photography in Scotland so expensive?

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Wedding photography Dundee Scotland

Brides-to-be, are you engaged to the man or woman of your dreams and starting to budget for your beautiful Scottish wedding? You might have started researching photographers online and you want to know why professional wedding photographers are so expensive? I’ve been photographing weddings in Angus, Dundee and Perth for over 4 years and I see this question in Facebook wedding groups on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. I know that weddings are a big investment, not just financially but emotionally too, and you really want to pick the right photographer so you can look back on your day … Read More

Real Weddings at Clova Kirk and the Glen Clova Hotel, Angus: Rebecca and Rob’s wedding

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bride groom weddings glen clova hotel Angus

Do you fancy escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and getting married to your best friend in the heart of the stunning Angus Glens? Clova Kirk and the Glen Clova Hotel have got to be at the top of your list. Read on as I’ll share with you in my series of Real Weddings, the story of Rebecca and Rob. Rebecca and Rob first met in Glen Clova so to return to such a beautiful setting for their wedding was the perfect choice for them. Related content: They held their wedding ceremony in Clova Kirk and were joined … Read More

Real Weddings at the Woodlands Hotel, Dundee: Ailsa and Barry’s wedding

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Wedding photography Dundee Scotland

When you’re planning your wedding in Dundee one venue that’s sure to be at the top of your list of considerations is the Woodlands Hotel. It has a beautiful ballroom with plenty of room for up to 120 day and 170 evening guests. Read on as I’ll share with you in my series of Real Weddings, the story of Ailsa and Barry. Ailsa and Barry chose the Woodlands Hotel for their wedding, surrounded by family and friends. When I first met them they told me they wanted their day photographed naturally with a few posed group photos with family and friends and … Read More