Perth Wedding Exhibition review (2017)

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Perth wedding exhibition free gifts

When you’re planning a wedding one of the best things you can do to kickstart your wedding planning and get lots of inspiration is go to a wedding fayre. As both a bride-to-be and a wedding photographer I know just how much is involved in wedding planning so I popped along to Perth Wedding Exhibition to see if it really lived up to the hype. Here’s my unbiased review.

Perth Wedding Exhibition review 2017


My Fiance and I haven’t set a date yet so in terms of wedding planning we’re right at the beginning stage. He couldn’t feign excitement at the thought of a huge marquee full of wedding suppliers (I suspect a lot of men also feel this way) so rather than drag him along I invited my best friend Paul along for the experience. Apart from the suppliers that already knew me and one I had a good photography chat with at the end I didn’t tell anyone else I work in the wedding industry as I wanted to report back on what it was like to be treated as a bride-to-be, not a fellow supplier.

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About the exhibition

Perth Wedding Exhibition is the biggest wedding show in Perth with over 100 suppliers all under one roof in a large marquee at Perth Racecourse. It’s in its 5th year and is one of several wedding exhibitions run by SEM Events Ltd.

The ticket price is only £6 per person per day which I think is a great price to have access to all the suppliers under one review and a real chance to sample some of the products on offer too.

I managed to bag a couple of free tickets for the whole weekend in a competition run by 21CC Group Ltd. Unfortunately they didn’t arrive in the post in time but I contacted Chris on Twitter and he helpfully left tickets at the entrance for me to collect.

The good stuff

Let’s start with the positives and I know everyone loves a freebie. First stop was AK Photobooth where Paul and I spent a few minutes having a giggle with the props in the photobooth and we got a free photo to take away with us.

Then there was more fun with a selfie mirror, a chance to try out teeth whitening as well as fudge and the ice cream, oh, it was soooo good! Not to forget the free magazines Scottish Wedding Directory and Tie The Knot Scotland which are a huge source of inspiration.

Best goody bag of the day hands down goes to Malmaison with a really decent sized 100 ml shower gel and a big slab of Malmaison chocolate. Sorry, Paul, I didn’t discover that one till I got home. I won’t even promise to keep you a bit. I know, my bad.

Malmaison shower gel

The catwalk show was by far the highlight of the day for me with lots of stunning dresses and kilts on display. That with the songs being played really made me excited and want to get married next week.

Most of the suppliers we chatted to were super helpful, genuinely interested in speaking to us and happy to answer lots of questions which made for a great experience. When I said we hadn’t set a date yet it was nice not to be dismissed which I was wary of happening.

I must say thanks to Rebecca Lee Photography for opening conversation by asking about the story of our proposal. It was very refreshing when we’d been asked if we’d set a date heaps of times as a conversation starter already. When I say “we”, most people assumed Paul was the Groom-to-be. I’m sure we put most of them on the right track haha!

The not so good stuff

I’m not a fan of harsh sales tactics and never push a couple into making a decision to book on the spot. Only one supplier made us both feel like she was a bit gung-ho on the sales talk. Here, try this out, it’s great isn’t it, now here’s a massive discount if you buy right now. It’s off-putting and not the way I like to do things but 1 out of over 100 was pretty good going.

Another slight annoyance was the volume of the music. Yes, I completely appreciate that bands at weddings are loud and it’s to be expected but I did feel sorry for the suppliers that had stands right next to the catwalk and music area. It was difficult trying to make conversation with them.

Is Perth Wedding Exhibition worth all the hype?

All in all we definitely came away with a hugely positive vibe well worthy of all the 5-star reviews on Facebook.

There was an abundance of really interesting high quality suppliers to talk to, free samples galore, lots of discounts available (with no pressure to book on the spot) and there were a few competitions too. Yip, I do love the chance to win a prize.

I’d say Perth Wedding Exhibition is a must-visit for sure!

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Are you planning your wedding right now? What do you love and hate about wedding fayres? Which fayre would you recommend? Jump into the comments and let me know. I’d love to hear from you and always reply.

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