5 reasons why you DON’T want me teaching you photography

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5 reasons why you don't want 1-2-1 photography tuition from Anne Johnston

Do you have a DSLR camera but it’s rarely out of its box or you’re stuck using auto and haven’t a clue how to use the manual mode? Are you you thinking about booking my one-to-one Photography for Beginners tuition?

I’ve been on my own photography journey for over 6 years and launched my business full-time in 2014. I started providing one-to-one tuition in Dundee, Angus and Perth in 2016 so that people like you could benefit from the expertise a professional photographer can offer. I know that people learn in different ways and one-to-one tuition is not for everyone. It takes time and commitment to learn something new and you want to learn in a way that is right for you.

If you’re thinking of booking my one-to-one Photography for Beginners tuition, it’s only right that you consider why it might not be right for you.

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Five reasons why you shouldn’t book one-to-one Photography for Beginners tuition


1. You don’t have the time


It takes time to learn something new and people learn at their own pace which can depend hugely on your method of learning. My one-to-one tuition is designed to fast-track you to shooting on manual in just 3 hours, which can cut down your learning time by weeks and in some cases months.

Imagine all that time you could be spending taking lots of beautiful photos instead of burying your head in a manual, or a book or even in the sand!


2. You don’t see the value in 1-2-1 tuition


It costs £147 for my one-to-one Photography for Beginners tuition. You’ve probably spent hundreds of pounds on your DSLR camera, lens and all the accessories you need and it’s not for me to speculate how you spend your money.

But if you don’t think £147 is a worthwhile investment to learn how to get the most out of your camera then this tuition is not for you.

You might want to explore other options such as books, clubs and online classes:



3. You’re too scared to try


For some people, learning something new can be a scary thought and you may have the fear factor even just looking at your camera.

I’m here to make your journey to shooting on manual as simple as possible and give you know-how and permission to get pressing those buttons. I don’t want you to be scared of your camera though and will be right there with you as you take your first steps into shooting on manual. If you make mistakes, who cares? That’s all part of the learning curve.

However, if you’re the kind of person that’s too scared to even try, this is definitely not for you.


4. You don’t like one-to-one tuition


You will get far more out of your learning experience when you learn in a way that’s right for you.

Having a professional right there by your side to answer your questions and teach you at your pace is invaluable. You’re not forced to move along to the next part of the course when everyone else is ready but you’re not quite there yet. You are the only person in the class so will have my undivided attention.

If this style of learning doesn’t suit you, you may want to consider other options. Perhaps online courses feel like a better fit for you? If so, be sure to check out my friend Julie Christie’s site Tea Break Tog or the Creative Live online courses:


5. You don’t want to improve your photography


When you learn how to go from auto to manual and just how simple it can be you will not believe the difference it will make to your photography.

Every day I see the transformation in my clients’ photos and it’s so rewarding when I see people just like you getting the best out of your cameras and really enjoying photography. I had one client tell me that she wasn’t interested in taking what she called “arty farty” photos until I showed her how easy it was and then she was out the door looking for the nearest flowers in her garden.

You can read full testimonials when you click here.

After all is said and done though, I’m not here trying to sell ice to eskimos. I’m passionate about photography and would love to help you too. But if you’re happy with the photographs you’re taking and don’t want to take your photography to the next level, we should probably say our goodbyes now.


Over to you


Are you ready to go from auto to manual?

If you’re ready to take your photography journey to the next level and really get the best out of your camera, then click here to book your photography tuition now. I can’t wait for us to get started!