Pick my brains and let me solve your
photography challenge in a flash!

Do you want to buy a new camera but don’t have a clue where to start?

Do you want to upgrade your lens so you can take better photos of your children?

Or maybe the photos you’re taking just aren’t getting the results you’re after. Are the photos too blurry, the wrong colour or is the camera focusing on the wrong thing?

Book a Skype call with me to pick my brains and I’ll help solve your photography problem wherever you are in the world. You don’t even have to leave your house.

All you need to do is choose from one of the options below and book our call. When you book there’s a short form for you to complete so I know exactly how you need my help on our call.

I look forward to chatting with you,


Help me choose a new camera

I get it. You’re going to be spending a good chunk of cash on your new camera and you want to know that you make the right decision.

When you book your call with me I’ll ask you a few questions on a form so I can get to know what you like to photograph, what your budget is and if you have any specific must-haves.

I have over 5 years’ experience in the photography industry and always have my ears to the ground so I know when new gear is about to be released as well as models that are about to go out of production where you could snap up a bargain.

I’ll recommend 3 cameras to you that will fit your budget and give you the pros and cons of each model. I’ll make sure you get the features you really need without paying extra for things you’ll never use.

Help me choose new lenses

Do you want to buy new lenses for your camera but you’re not sure where to start?

I know that it’s important to you to find new lenses within your budget that will make your photos look amazing. If you like to photograph sports or wildlife you need a lens that will let in as much light as possible and focus quickly to freeze the action still. If landscapes are your thing you’re going to want a lens that will fit in all of the beautiful vistas you see before you.

There’s a few questions for you to answer when you book your call with me so I can understand what camera and lens(es) you’re using now, what you want to photograph with your new lens(es) and what your budget is. During our time together I’ll help you choose up to 2 new lenses.

I’ll give you a few options to choose from with the pros and cons of each and then you can be running off gleefully into the sunset… to take photos of course!

Help me with my photography

Are you struggling to get the results you want with your photos?

Are they too blurry, the wrong colour or is your camera focusing on the background when you need the focus somewhere entirely different?

I love to help people with my 1-2-1 Photography for Beginners tuition. If we live too far away from each other (I’m in Forfar, Scotland), picking my brains will give you the answer to your problem wherever you are in the world.

All you have to do is tell me what your photography problems are on the form when you book and I’ll make sure I answer them in our 60 minute call.

If we have time left after I’ve answered your questions and you have more to ask me that’s absolutely fine. I’m all ears!

Kind feedback

“I had no idea what type of lens or camera to get. With it being such a big investment, I didn’t want to make the wrong choice either. Anne made something so complex (to me) so simple. Can’t recommend her ‘pick my brains’ service enough!”

Gavin Bell, Founder, Blue Cliff Media